Buffy 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Romance

Willow and Oz

I know a lot of people either say that Buffy and Angel are their favorite or Buffy and Spike. However, let me begin by why I did not choose either of those relationships. Buffy and Angel’s relationship was extremely unhealthy and all they did was whine about each other. Buffy and Spike didn’t have a good relationship either because they were never actually together, only in a sexual way. Spike kept saying how he loved her, and she would just use him and use him. Keeping them a secret and letting her friends pick him apart. She did not even say that she loved him until he was saving the world. How do we know if she just felt she had to because of what he was doing? That is not healthy and how can that be anybody’s favorite relationship. The next relationship people usually say is their favorite is Willow and Tara’s. Well, I loved them together but I preferred Oz and Willow. Their love was so young and innocent. She didn’t even care that he was a werewolf, unlike Buffy with her flings. They were just so cute and awkward. It broke my heart when Oz left and it was so depressing that she was with Tara when he returned. I loved them together. I cried when he left and told her he never loved anything else in his life. He even killed that dumb broad when she was attacking Willow when he was in werewolf form. I understand that he cheated on her and I was so mad when he did, but at the same time, he had never met a girl werewolf and didn’t know what he was fully doing… unlike that dumb bitch. But yeah, they’re my favorite.